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Cocoa butter

When asked what a concussion is,

I want to say this:

It is discomfort poorly located 

Much less adjusted for.

It is a cocoa butter smelling, earth-skinned doctor who you can’t tell smells good

Because the bones in your face don’t work as well as they used to.

It is the chemicals in your brain praying for balance

A death dressed in a living costume

& hours that feel like days because you lose track of time

& the energy to make use of yours.

It is explaining your anxiety in Arabic

When its mother tongue is English.

It is a fear of crowds when you used to love going outside

& days spent feeling like you don’t exist at all.

Concussions are one refused meal after another

& seeing the world through a blurry vision. 

They mean hating the city you once loved

but learning to listen to your voice. 

When asked what a concussion is,

Instead I say this:

It teaches you to be grateful. 

July 2019; The Golden Gate Bridge