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Ten Words

The biggest disgrace to any family

is a deflowered damsel.

Ten words that escaped the lips of a man

whose breath was tainted with stale nicotine

belly protruding downwards

scalp half visible

teeth surrendering

and gums fighting to hold on to them.

His face unpleasantly clenched

like the hands of time

tried to press his cheeks to his forehead

but couldn't quite let go.

With unapologetic grunts in public

He was a man who had the capacity

to complain about anything

as if criticizing the air around him

would somehow grant him a gold medal

which he would add

to the wealth he hid away

from his family.

Those words were of a man

who inflicted 'giant disgraces'

on seven families a handful of years ago

before choosing a 'clean' woman.

Clean enough to spend her mornings in the kitchen,

her afternoons standing like a five year old

whose lips were infinitely sealed

around loud chewing noises.

Everyday the food was either

"too cold"

"too spicy"

"too bland"

or "too dry"

but never quite good enough.

Those words were of a man

whose wife spent her nights

dreading their proximity

as he satisfied his personal urges

taking her body for a love toy

before leaving her undone

on the other side of a cold bed

his snores like ear-tickling background screeches

as she criticized her own

sagging breasts


stretch marks

not knowing that 

she could not possibly 

make love to a body

that refused to know what love was.

Nor could she re-ignite a spark

that was lit merely by 

how taut her body looked 

in her twenties.

This beast is everywhere.

Some have learned to tame him;

others celebrate him.

Whichever end you're on,

keep in mind that before you begin 

defining what a disgrace is,

make sure you haven't created one

before washing your hands

and publicly flaunting them

like they were clean all along.